Endless Skies

What is truth? What is important? What defines you?
No need to fear, no need to worry, about years that passed, about time you lost
Live a second as a lifetime. Time, it doesn't matter
How many years since you found yourself staring at an endless sky?

VNV Nation


On the last days of October 2018 I walked from Fontmartina to Aiguafreda through rainy forests, bleak, foggy plains and into a spectacular sunset at the end of the day.


A walk through the Vall d'Olzinelles on a sunny day in December 2017. In the morning, the land was still in the cold grip of the first frost.

Vall de Núria

A wintery walk took me there in January 2018. Upon arriving at the monastery, the inscription read:

Que l'esforç fet, la pau trobada i la llum que t'omple penetrin el teu cor.

Lago d'Iseo

During a conference in Bergamo I visited this lake and walked a trail across the mountains. The wayside was littered with beautiful flowers and wild animals.

Enchanted forest of Òrrius

My first visit to this place was in November 2016. The landscape was still marked by the strong rains from the previous day.

Ghost Tears

So long in fear I have gazed
Ghost tears in my deep haze
Come to my stormy waters


Montnegre i el Corredor

When I walked here in October 2018 from Llinars del Vallès, strong rains had fallen in the previous weeks, which caused a humid climate and an abundance of mushrooms and water all around.


Water underfoot, heat above, under the green roof of leaves the air is heavy with evaporation, nothing to hear but flies and birds. The path is crossed by an ancient stream that has carved a tiny passage into the stone over the ages. A mushroom grows by the everdamp, shady basin.
June 2018


Un instant, enllà del cau on resto
Sembla encara ser de caire amarg
Un instant, encara un temps llunyà
On ser un gegant, per dur les més grans coses
On ser un infant que jugui a creure’s gran
On ser emissari d’un passat on sonen
Cants llunyans, murmuris de visions, l’instant


La Torrassa

Impressions captured on a brief walk from Dosrius to Cardedeu in February 2018.

Der Erde Blut vereint mit dem Donnern der Giganten
Wir atmen tief das Leben ein, dort, wo die Heimat keiner kennt

Diary of Dreams − Nekrolog 43

Mosaic drawings

I also occasionally do mosaic drawings. Here are the ones I've done so far: